Tips on Interactive Forms

Interactive forms will only be processed on receipt of your Bank Transfer payment - Using an Interactive Entry form saves the cost of printing, envelopes and postage.

Transfer your payment for the total form value to the Bank details on the form, don't forget to use a reference of your Surname & Post Code.

Getting Started.
PC's and Laptops
When you click on an Interactive Entry form, your browser should give you the option to open or save the form. Whichever option you choose you will need a PDF Reader to input your details on the form. Most PC/Laptops will have a PDF Reader installed, so when the form is opened it should automatically use your PDF Reader. Most browsers if a reader is not installed will give you the option to install one. If you still cannot open the form, you will need to download & install a PDF Reader which is Free. If you wish you can download following the link below for the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Filling in the form on a PC or Laptop


Download & save a blank interactive form, even though it gives you the option of filling in the fields first.  Save the form in downloads or another folder before completing as sends a blank form if DON'T do it this way. Re-open the saved form from your folder, complete and save again, Close and attach to email and send to 

Notes for Apple Mac - Use Safari as the Browser - Click on the interactive form link, which opens the form within Safari. Complete Form and click on File > Export as PDF. This will save the form locally on the Mac. Can either open your emails and attach it as a file, or go to where it is saved, open it, then click on the file icon with the arrow (same as on an iPad) and then select email. Please note: the calculator part may not work - so please manually add up the total.

ipads & iphones - UPDATE as can now complete entry form for FREE! Please NOTE: The form doesn't calculate - please add up yourself and send correct payment.
Select relevant Interactive Entry Form from our website - Click on blue box with arrow up at top right-hand side of screen.
On the 2nd row that pops up (grey icons) starting with copy - scroll to the right and select Create PDF
Complete Entry Form - Click on blue box with arrow up at top right-hand side of screen as did before and click on Mail and email to 
To enable the calculations to work - the best way is to download an app - PDF Expert which can be purchased for a one-off fee for about £4.99 - sometimes can be found on offer.
Select relevant Interactive Entry Form from our website - Click on blue box with arrow up at top right hand-side of screen.
On the 1st row that pops up (coloured icons) starting with Message - scroll to the right and select Copy to PDF Expert
Complete Entry Form - Click on 3 dots ... at top right hand side of screen and click on Email - Choose Document and email to
NOTE: On the winter entry forms as blocks of 4 main classes give discount please type 1 for each block of 4 classes entered instead of 4 to get correct total.
If encounter any Problems with sending your form, please contact Sarah who will be more than happy to help resolve - or by phone weekdays after 6pm but before 9pm 07884 478837