Finals & Qualifiers

Annual Finals & Show Qualifiers
Agility, Jumping & Steeplechase Qualifiers will be held at our Winter & Summer shows. Finals will be held at the September summer show. Please see the summer schedule for Finals dates & details.
The Qualifier lists are updated after every show and can be found on the website under Finals
 & Qualifiers.

The Qualifying Results are not necessarily the same as the Class Results.
i.e. Class Results may be by Group (Large/Intermediate and Small/Medium/Micro) but the Qualifying Results may be combined (fastest overall dog (s)).

The number of dogs to qualify per class can be found after each show on the Finals & Qualifiers Page 2019/2020.

The Agility & Jumping Finals will be split into 2 groups as follows:-
Group 1 - Starters, Novice and Advanced. 
Group 2 - Veteran - genuine 9yrs and over (not competing elsewhere in standard classes) on the date of the finals and have qualified by being in the top 10 in Agility classes and/or top 10 in jumping classes as we know not all veteran dogs still compete in agility.
The Steeplechase final will run as one class but split as Large/Intermediate & Small/Medium/Micro for awards.
Final Competition Rules
A dog can only qualify with the main handler once for each final.
If the same dog qualifies with a different handler - please declare who will handle the dog in the finals but the dog can only run once.

You must run the same dog and handler combination at the same jump height at which you qualified.
There are two exceptions to this rule as follows:-     
       - If your dog qualified at Starters, Novice or Advanced and has now moved to Allsorts as a Veteran dog (over 9yrs), you may run your dog at the height he/she now competes at.
       - If your dog qualified in Allsorts and has moved to Starters, Novice or Advanced, your dog must now compete at their measured height.
The full list of those qualified for each of the Finals will be available on the website after the August show and competitors will be emailed and asked to confirm if competing in the finals.
There will also be lists available in admin on the Friday of the September show for you to tick your name and confirm competing in the final(s). If you have qualified for more than one final don’t forget to tick all the finals you have qualified for.

How we calculated who has qualified:-
      - From a Qualifying Class entries, we firstly remove any dogs who have already qualified.
      - The remaining unqualified dogs run times (excluding Elimentated dogs) are then used to produce the new qualifiers.